Why teach dance?

At the Royal Academy of Dance, we understand the importance of having qualified, well-informed and inspirational dance teachers.

For those considering a career in teaching, the RAD can help you make a difference and shape a future generation of dancers and dance teachers.

Julia Delaney

  • BA Ballet Education Programme Manager

    I am responsible for overseeing the running and delivery of the BA (Hons) Ballet Education programme; working with a team of lecturers and administrative staff in supporting academic progress and pastoral needs of all students on the programme.

    I really enjoy the day-to-day running of the programme – it has a unique and comprehensive timetable, so students are able to experience a meaningful learning journey as they progress through the levels. My main priority is to share my passion and enthusiasm for dance with the students and I am delighted to have access to outstanding resources and the opportunity to work collaboratively with my colleagues.

    For me, good teaching means being able to understand students’ needs and helping learners to work towards achieving their full potential and one of the things I enjoy most is keeping in contact with graduates and hearing all about their success in the world of dance.

    If you are thinking of applying to the BA (Hons) Ballet Education programme, I advise you to be curious, dedicated, proactive, and engaging – you will never stop learning!

Lauren Showler

  • CBTS Programme Manager

    As programme manager, I oversee the delivery and management of the CBTS programme in over 25 countries and in nine different languages. This involves working closely with our international offices and administrative staff to ensure all students receive the same experience, no matter where they are in the world. What I enjoy most about my role is the interaction with students and RAD colleagues from all over the world. This interaction has led to a greater understanding of a number of different cultures and I love that, despite our differences, there is a shared interest in learning to teach dance and I am proud to be part of such a global organsiation.

    For me, the most exciting part of the CBTS programme, is the chance to work with such experienced tutors. Our tutoring team come with a huge amount of experience and wealth of knowledge, which our students benefit greatly from. In addition, the programme allows students to gain a teaching qualification alongside any family/work commitments they may have. I believe it is this flexibility that makes the CBTS one of our most popular programmes.

    For anyone considering a career in dance teaching, I would say it is an exciting path to take! With the RAD’s large portfolio of programmes it is a career that allows for constant development, demonstrating how there are always ways to expand your career prospects as a dance teacher.

Dennie Wilson

  • PDPTC Programme Manager

    I approach managing the PDPTC programme as a creative process. It is a journey which most importantly involves interaction and collaboration with people and ideas.

    The programme is exciting as it provides a place and space for artists to think, create, experiment and metaphorically and literally fall over, get up, fall over again… without judgement. It is because of this that I really enjoy working with the students, as I get to witness those starting journeys, exploring ideas practically, and being creative and physical.

    I would tell any future student of the RAD to trust yourself in both your decision-making and the process. You will always move forward; sometimes with small steps, other times with big leaps. It is never predictable, but the RAD will support you at every stage along the way.