Distance Learning

Distance learning can open up a world of opportunities for your educational journey.

  • Distance learning with global connections

    Flexibility and convenience
    We offer a number of programmes through distance learning that enable you to design a study schedule that fits your personal and professional commitments. Our online programmes empower you to pursue your education at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

    Join a global community
    Our virtual classrooms bring together students of different dance backgrounds and experiences from around the world, providing a rich and immersive learning environment. Through online discussions, group projects, and networking opportunities, you’ll become part of a vibrant international community of learners and build meaningful connections that can last a lifetime.

    Virtual learning environment
    Both onsite and distance learning students have access to Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), where you can access multimedia study resources, use interactive learning and discussion forums and collaborate in real time. Our dedicated staff members are experienced in utilising online platforms to create dynamic learning environments and the use of video conferencing software for online taught sessions, group tutorials and other interactive learning experiences, ensures that you receive a high-quality education that is on par with traditional classroom settings.