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Dance teachers are at the heart of the art form we love and with the RAD operating in over 85 countries with 36 international offices and a strong global membership, we are a well-established teacher training and education organisation.

Tim Arthur

  • Chief Executive

    Now well into our second century, we find ourselves operating in 85 countries, with a strong global membership, and more than a thousand students enrolled on our teacher training programmes.

    The reputation of the Royal Academy of Dance was founded upon the expertise of an international group of dancers and, perhaps most importantly, teachers. It is thanks to generations of these visionaries that we are recognised as a leader in our field. Our founders’ successors in the Faculty of Education have risen to the challenges posed by the global pandemic and have been able to offer innovative online access to the best possible dance education for our students.

    In Spring of 2022, the RAD moved to a brand-new purpose built headquarters. With state-of-the-art facilities, we will be delivering world class dance teaching programmes in the best possible learning environment for you, with teaching staff well known for their research, expertise and breadth of experience.

    The RAD firmly believes that every student should be supported and encouraged within a professional yet considerate and sympathetic environment. Our alumni will attest to the success of this nurturing approach.

    I commend this online prospectus to you. If you are considering a career in dance teaching, then I do not believe you could do any better than start by enrolling on a Royal Academy of Dance Faculty of Education programme.

Dr Michelle Groves

  • Director of Education

    Here at the RAD, we recognise the importance of having qualified, well-informed and inspirational dance teachers who can meet the challenges and expectations of dance teaching fit for the twenty-first century. Dance teachers are important role models, with the power to motivate and influence not only the next generation of dancers and dance teachers, but also the dance audiences of the future.

    Despite the global impact of Covid-19, dance teacher education and training has remained resilient in embracing new technologies, new approaches, new expectations and a new populace. While ballet remains at the RAD’s core, the Faculty of Education recognises that the landscape of dance teaching continues to be wide-ranging, with dance teachers working across a breadth of contexts alongside the cultural and artistic diversity of today’s dance communities.

    The Faculty of Education’s portfolio of programmes has been specifically designed to meet your immediate and future aspirations as a dance teacher. Central to our approach to dance teacher education and training is putting our students at the heart of their learning and teaching experiences, acknowledging that each and every one of our students has different needs and ambitions. By studying with the RAD, you join a global community of dance students and teachers who share your love and passion for dance, and are dedicated to promoting the benefits of dance to all.

    Faculty of Education students and graduates have the potential to make unique contributions to the future development of dance education and training and we look forward to helping you realise your goals in this most special and rewarding profession.

Sita Manghani

  • Master of Arts in Education (Dance Teaching) - Graduate

    My mother told me, “Choose a career that will make you smile every day!” And my father attributes his success to education. He said, “Be humble, be teachable and always keep learning!” my career choice, therefore, was inevitably going to be one where I could share my adoration for our subject with young people, and it was always very likely to be in a setting that would require me to continually learn and develop. The RAD has enhanced both factors: job satisfaction and creating a better version of myself.

    I have been the head of dance for over ten years in a large secondary school in the West Midlands. I lead a team of dance teachers and I teach the subject at key stages three, four and five. I am also responsible for the provision of extra-curricular dance and community dance events. As a lead teacher within the school, I mentor and guide trainee teachers in dance from a range of teacher training providers.

    I was inspired to dance after seeing a black and white photo of my mum dressed in a tutu. The picture was after performing a pas de deux with Wayne Sleep in Plymouth, Devon. From that moment, I wanted to experience the magic that oozed from the image. As a child and into my teenage years, I attended a stage school in Reading where I took classes in RAD Ballet, Tap and Jazz and then gained entry to the regional dance company. The company gave me my first opportunity to experience a week of training in Contemporary dance with Wayne McGregor. This spurred me to choose A Level dance, so I have been fortunate to experience learning dance in both the private and public sectors. In both settings, I was not only interested in what I was learning but how I was learning; it was the latter skills that taught me how to overcome challenges – even those unrelated to dance.

    Dance teaching for me is the magic that I felt when I was first inspired to experience the subject myself. Every possible progressive step taken and observed, whether in my students or myself, echoes that feeling. When I was learning, I found my reflective nature quite an interesting attribute and it aligns to my practice as a teacher. I wasn’t the best dancer in my classes, but I could identify how to improve; I would dedicate myself to achieving personal targets and I progressed. Such experiences are what I believe effective or good dance teaching should evoke in students. Enabling students to develop a growth mind set, and providing teaching with learning opportunities for creativity and expression, grit and resilience and liberty and freedom are important life skills that as teachers we have a responsibility to encourage.

    The RAD encourages you to reflect on your practice and as John Dewey stated, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” It is undoubtedly one of the most valuable skills to acquire should you be considering a career in teaching. You are given the support to learn and practice the skills needed for effective teaching and learning and encouraged to construct your style of teaching. The RAD embraces those who show willingness to self-improve and they provide the resources and scaffolding to enable the progress. The tutelage is one that should be respected because not only do the tutors model effective teaching practice, but they also have the expertise to deliver teacher training in our subject. Therefore, providing an opportunity that is rare to acquire elsewhere. The collaborative network that one is encouraged to establish is very helpful and motivational. Teachers of dance particularly in the United Kingdom are often quite isolated in their settings. Training for a teaching career with the RAD allows you to connect with other students of dance teaching and professionals from an extraordinary national and international background. This provides support as you journey towards a teaching qualification or working as a practitioner. I am proud to be part of the RAD learning environment.


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Dame Darcey Bussel, DBE

At the forefront of dance education and teaching for a century, we have the experience, expertise and enthusiasm to help you realise your goals, wherever you are in your career as a dance teacher.

RAD graduates are in demand

Our graduates are highly sought-after by employers, with graduates working across a number of sectors and teaching contexts throughout the world.

Connected with the world of dance

We have partnerships and connections with many dance education organisations around the world. Our work placements and visits add to your learning experience and ensure that you are well prepared for the workplace.


We have an international reputation for the highest professional standards, and all our programmes whether delivered on-site or via distance learning, are taught by highly-qualified, experienced tutors.

London – an exciting place to study

If you join one of our on-site programmes, the RAD’s central location gives easy access to West End theatres, dance performance spaces, resident choreographers and companies. With numerous museums and art galleries on your doorstep, London is an amazing city and a world-class centre for culture and the arts.

World-class education at an affordable price

We make our programmes of study as accessible as possible to all students, and provide an excellent education at a competitive price.


We offer a range of full and part-time programmes which can be studied at the RAD in London or from the comfort of your own home via distance learning, anywhere in the world.

We are international

We have students from all around the world studying with us on university-validated and RAD programmes. We have 36 international offices, and our CBTS programme is offered in nine different languages.

History and experience

When you join us, you will become part of an organisation that has a long and distinguished history. Established in 1920, we have over 100 years’ experience in training and educating dance teachers.

Professional membership

As a student, you gain access to the professional membership body of the RAD which, in addition to a global support network, ensures you have a competitive advantage from day one. This includes access to information on worldwide job opportunities.

Registered Teachers Status

Most of our students are eligible for registration as teachers with the RAD on successful completion of their programme.

Commitment to lifelong learning

Graduates have the opportunity to participate in the RAD’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, which supports dance teachers through every stage of their career.

Alumni network

Upon graduation, you become part of a growing international community of dance teachers and our alumni network will allow you to stay connected to your old classmates and continue your relationship with us wherever you are in the world.

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    RAD Registered Teachers

For 100 years, the Royal Academy of Dance has been one of the world’s most influential dance education organisations. Our exams set standards in classical ballet and we are a global leader in Continuing Professional Development for dance.

We take pride in inspiring a worldwide network of dance teachers and dance enthusiasts. Our ever-increasing programme of outreach work brings dance into diverse communities and our Faculty of Education’s research into the contribution of dance to wellbeing has led to the development of specialist training for older learners. As part of our work in inclusive dance, we have also introduced RADiate, a project which provides subsidised dance classes to children on the autism spectrum and those with complex learning difficulties.

  • Continuing Professional Development

    Continuing Professional Development

    The RAD is committed to lifelong learning, and our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme is a reflection of our commitment to this. Our scheme is designed to meet your individual circumstances. Activities are offered worldwide with structured, innovative and progressive opportunities to continue your development.

    Each activity is designed to enhance your skills, extend your knowledge and career opportunities. CPD activities include online learning and practical face-to-face workshops which give you the chance to deepen your understanding of a topic, network with others, and share ideas and experience. Our CPD e-Learning has been exclusively designed for dance professionals. It is rich in graphics and audio-visual content which blends a variety of question-types and discussion forums to ensure that you are at the forefront of developments in dance teaching. Our CPD webinars are live, bite-size, and interactive. All webinars are recorded allowing you to register and enjoy the webinar even if you cannot make the live broadcast. This means that you can take part in CPD from wherever and whenever suits you.

    When you graduate, and become a dance teacher with the RAD, you will often work on a part-time or freelance basis, so you need to ensure that you are at the top of your game and taking advantage of new developments and initiatives in a highly competitive market. CPD shows potential employers that you are a committed professional and ready to take on challenges of changing educational and professional requirements. No matter where you are in the world, how you like to learn, which level of study you are, the RAD CPD scheme will support your development and career progression.

  • RAD Membership

    RAD Membership

    The Royal Academy of Dance is a recognised Chartered body, leading and innovating in all aspects of dance, dance training and dance education.

    By enrolling on one of our programmes, you not only become part of an international community of dance students, you also gain access to a global network of teachers, mentors and tutors. This means that from the very beginning we can give you the skills to become a first-class dance teacher.

    As a student on one of our programmes you’ll be eligible for membership while you study. RAD membership means immediate access to a range of benefits to support you, whatever stage you’re at on your career journey.

    Membership gives you the opportunity to:

    • explore employment opportunities before you graduate,
    • save money with discounts in the RAD shop including syllabus materials and teaching resources, as well as discounts on selected RAD events and courses,
    • stay in the loop with the world of dance and all things RAD with our members’ e-newsletters and much more.

    As soon as you graduate you may be eligible to become an RAD Registered Teacher*.

    Becoming an RAD Registered Teacher allows you to:

    • show students and parents that you’re a qualified teacher with the exclusive use of post-nominal letters after your name and use of the RAD Registered Teacher logo on your promotional material, be listed on the RAD website so potential students can find you and instantly know you’re a qualified RAD Teacher,
    • discover more about becoming a dance teacher with access to the Members’ Area including exclusive resources, marketing materials, advice and guidance on managing a business.

    For a full list of membership benefits visit Join

    * subject to programme eligibility.